About Lavvie

Lavvie Family is about group of people who are passionate about the values that makes life more refined and seek to spread it with passion and love through their unique aromatic. Lavvie’s Creations is all about blending the beauty of human’s values & glory of nature to create a blend that features’ each of these distinctive qualities. Lavvie Founders are coming with a solid and successful history with more than 20 years of experience in managing and launching the premium international perfume brands across the key cities of the world.

Our Philosophy

We are the fragrances of Lavvie, summing up life on the form of fragrance and spreading love passionately to the world throughout our creations. The beauty of life blended with the beauty of the people we live with purifies the best qualities of them such as love, altruism, passion, sacrifice, positivity, inspiration authenticity, integrity, success, creativity and many other qualities that fires up our inspiration and passion towards idealism. Each of our perfumes scents represents one of the most beautiful qualities of humanity and works to enhance these qualities through special aromatic ingredients that touch the personality features to transcend them towards the horizons of perfection.


Our Goal is to grow the clients experience through a unique variety of beauty products that adds value to our clients lifestyle.We are looking to introduce new lines of beauty products every year to ensure inspiring our clients with the unique products and lines.In 2021 we are launching 15 new fragrances and will be followed in the year after with new lines of fragrances, pure oil, hair mist, Body cream, body lotions, Candles and home fragrances.

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Featured Collection

This collection is a nice mix of different types of products, both old favorites and newly crafted awards and gifts. These items are visible on the homepage of our website and are rotated frequently.


Conceived as an ode to the iconic scenery of the West Coast, Sun Song, Cactus Garden, and Afternoon Swim now welcome California Dream, the new scent that celebrates the delight of a sunset, that special moment that prolongs the joy of a summer’s day. Spontaneous yet sophisticated, the Cologne Perfumes Collection conveys the promise of a faraway adventure and the spirit of an endless summer.